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If you are looking to design a robust and responsive website for your brand or business, then I am your guy.

Brief Intro

I am Emmanuel Eluwa, a freelance Web designer and Digital marketing expert based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
I am a graduate of the Department of Computer Science, College of Physical and Applied Sciences from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

Vision and Mission

Assisting Business owners and entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses online.

Services Offered

This, I make happen using the skills I have perfected over the years through services such as

I've worked closed with big brands local and internationally

Workshops & Seminars

I have had the privilege of speaking and teaching at different workshops of which I am grateful to the sponsors and organizers for the exposure, lessons learnt and the insights shared.

• Photography 101 (For Beginners)
• Teens Without Tears

Current Projects

Being a fervent believer of the audio-visual mode of learning, it’s potential of being the best way to assimilate knowledge, I tow this line, putting together a full course on web design that would help interested individuals start designing website for corporations and brands.
I also work during my spare time towards the launch of my first podcast series which would be geared towards educating and helping Nigeria youths to start a freelance business or broaden the hustle.

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My story

“Behind my smile is a story you would never understand”

People are usually afraid to show their scars because of what people might think of them,
I do not share my story to cop pity. Neither is this an invitation to a pity party. However, I share this story because my trials and life experiences helped shape the man I am today.
I left school in 2014 after studying computer science. I left brimming with enthusiasm that jobs were lined up on the outside, waiting for me to make my pick on which industry I wanted to work in. Contrary to that, I saw myself struggling for the same job opening with about more than 10,000 graduates who just like me, had gone through school with the same dream of landing their dream job once they were done with school.
I struggled for a few years, with no job and source of income. To make matters worse, I had to go back to school “as powers that be” revealed that I had missing results (to put this correctly it was said I had 24 carry overs) Anyone in the educational system would undertand clearly the gravity.
You’re shocked right? I was too. Hell! I even fell ill for no reason whatsoever, coupled with depression for which i tried so hard keeping up appearances. After uncountable letters to the senate, it was deemed ‘very’ necessary that I return to school for an extension of two more years to study and write exams for courses which were still “missing” at the time.

**Trying so hard to summarize a lengthy story**
On my return to school in 2017, I tried everything humanly possible to stay sane. I began freelancing that same year, making blog designs, designing graphics, and researching assignments for students. As I studied to clear up my issues at school, I was also developing skills I already had while also learning new ones.
Fast forward to 2018, when I was done with all exams, I didn’t want to stay back at home idle, so I applied for jobs.
Yes, the new age startups and brands are beginning to realize that it is not all about the grades written on paper but what you can actually do that matters.
It was a pre-requisite for them, and of course, I had none.
All these gave rise to the start of a legit business of my own – rendering services with skills I have, rather than tow the line of different fraudulent activities which youths readily engage in these days.

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